Art is the doorway into the imagination of the artist and seeing through their eyes. Style and execution of those images is a culmination of thousands of hours of study and practice. Art is not always a persons talent, rather its their dedication, drive, and hard work. Being an artist isn’t just inspiring people but continually being inspired by the world around you.

Creating characters and stories has always been a passion of mine. I studied art and painting at Colorado State University where I spent a semester in Italy obsessing over the old masters. My time in school and in Italy is where I really began to tell stories through paintings and characters. Telling a story through one image and leaving the rest to the viewer is the goal on all my work. My love of creating stories through imagery brought me to illustration and continues to push all aspects of my art.


Many of my paintings have come from dreams and imagining new worlds. My work can be explained simply as Pop Surrealism.


Children’s book illustration allows me to bring a new idea to a writers work and possibly create something they could not see.


Drawing and sketching are important daily practices. Drawing is the first step to all of my paintings and illustrations.

Concept Art

Concept art allows me to create my own word and characters. Sometimes these drawings and illustrations can help spark an idea for another artist or writer. Many times concept design is how I can expand on a new idea for my own work.